Breaking The Power of Word Curses

BREAKING THE POWER OF WORD CURSES ~ 2 Hour Prophetic Webinar Training Video with Prophet Reeni Mederos

$20.00 USD ~ Instant Access “ON-DEMAND VIDEO” for 7 Days Unlimited Viewing

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DESCRIPTION: 2 Hour "On-Demand" Webinar Training Recording on the subject of "Breaking the Power of Word Curses" with Prophet Reeni Mederos. Many times we experience word curses against us & through us & is a demonic force that keeps you bound in witchcraft, manipulation, confusion & divination. Even Christians spew word curses from their own mouths. Learn how not to be the source of word curses but also learn how to get out from word curses of witchcraft, prayers of divination, Jezebel's bewitchment & more. You will be equipped with the armor of God to know how to battle this diabolical force! We are going to blow this thing right out of the water! Limited Online Seating! Webcams and mics not necessary for viewing. Registration includes 7 days of viewing access. This "Live" webinar was sold out when conducted live!!!!! Don't Miss Your Impartation!
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