by Prophet Reeni Mederos

America has been set free from a very wicked and demonic stronghold. We just have experienced a modern day Exodus combined with an Elijah vs. Jezebel showdown in the spirit. The prophets of God saw the will of God and decreed it. But none of it would have had this kind of impact without repentance. As we have come to repent weekly and even daily, this truly proves the power of the cross for a nation and the power of the blood of Jesus when applied and pleaded in the courts of heaven.

We have just experienced the mercy of God who has chosen to grant us another chance, who has pardoned us as a nation and who longs for America to fulfill her destiny. We have crossed the Red Sea but now we must head for our promised land with much work yet to do. We MUST continue to pray and keep paving the way through intercession. Our prayer effort has only just begun. We MUST NOT fall into slumber again. We must take seriously Gods mercy towards our nation and not forget what He has just done for us as a nation.

ementoring_promo2A new baby has been born. A new birthing in the spirit that America has been pregnant with for a long time. God heard our cries and our prayers! We must continue to unify and pray for healing for our nation. Many things must still be uprooted but we have overcome a major stronghold that was rooted in America that was an ancient prince. We must continue to keep the principalities and powers of the air subjected to the cross and we must remain in a lifestyle of repentance. We cannot take our foot off the enemies neck. We MUST keep him subjected in prayer and repentance and applying the blood of Jesus daily. This entire victory belongs to the Lord.

We are careful to give Him all the glory. We are an army to be reckoned with in the earth when the church truly stands up to the occasion. Let this be an example of the things that we have the ability to overcome when we join ranks and join forces. Together, we are one huge atomic bomb with great favor with God but we also have a great responsibility. We must remain accountable to one another and we must continue to pray for one another as well as praying for our governmental officials and for America overall.

It has been an honor for me to lead this prayer effort for National Prayer Call and Prophets for Trump. I am honored to play a part in the body of Christ as we each do what God has called us to do within the corporate destiny of the church. We stand and work together, for together we are much more powerful than standing alone. I look forward to the days, weeks, months and years ahead with you! We will continue to pray as usual, if not, even harder.

To those who are disappointed, disheartened, anxious, afraid and even bewildered by the results of this election. I decree peace to you in Jesus name! God truly is in control and God doesn’t just love those who voted for Trump, God loves us all. I decree the love of God upon this nation and upon the church for it is His love that casts out fear. We do not put our trust in man but we honor those who are due the honor. We honor the choice of the people and I have to say with ecstatic joy that I am very proud of America’s choice and the heart of America still loves her Lord. God loves America! Let us relish in freedom, love, hope, peace and continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the earth.

We continue to pray for Donald Trump. We continue to pray for Hillary Clinton. We continue to pray for Barak Obama. We continue to pray for America!

I love you all! ❤️🇺🇸

Prophet Reeni Mederos
Warriors International, Inc.

National Prayer Call

Prophets For Trump