I had an unusual dream last night. There was a red mist in the air. I also saw green and white mist. What I saw was the red mist absorbing bullets and gunshots. I’m not sure what the green mist was but the red mist was all the prayers of the saints and protection from the Lord. Gun shots that went off were immediately absorbed into the red mist before it could hit its target. The target was Donald Trump and the citizens of the United States. I had the feeling it had to do with the month of December. Perhaps that’s why I saw red and green symbolizing this season. It’s as if I felt some kind of attack was planned for this month even on the President Elect’s life but it did not succeed because of the prayers of the saints. I wish I could make a movie of what I saw. The white mist were angels that were present and guarding and on their post of duty,  mainly because Christians and prophets were on their knees releasing prayer, decrees and worshiping the Lord. The red mist was like a buffer and an absorbent of all the attacks of the enemy. Not only did the bullets get absorbed into the red mist but it also disintegrated it instantly. Like it would disappear into nothingness as it came into contact with the red mist.

The mist of many colors reminded me of the angel of death that killed the firstborn of those who were not protected by lambs blood. This was a little different in that the mist absorbed the shot of death. Again, it was all because of the prayers and incense that was going up to the Lord. I believe God was saying that our prayers will prevent a huge death blow. To continue to be faithful in prayer because it is what is keeping the wall of protection around this nation and around Donald Trump. I have never seen a more beautiful yet absorbent like substance. The visuals in my dream were otherworldly. Definitely not from this realm and definitely something so mysterious that it is hard to describe in earthly words. There was definite angelic activity all around. Different ranking angles and they were very active. I have yet to understand what the green mist was. What comes to mind is the emerald hue that encircles the throne of God in Heaven.

Revelation 4:3 And He who sat there appeared like the crystalline sparkle of a jasper stone and the fiery redness of a sardius stone, and encircling the throne there was a rainbow that looked like the color of an emerald.

The whole scene was a mixture of a team effort of the red mist prayers of the saints, the green mist hue of the presence and activity of God Himself on the throne and the white mist of angelic activity in heaven and on the earth who were intercepting and intersecting both realms of the seen and the unseen.

What stands out to me the most is the activity that was going on in Heaven. They were definitely not sitting idle but it was all because of the prayers that were continually going up before the Lord. I also heard commands of appointment and duty. They were also very quick and faster than the speed of light. It was very organized but it was all in a presence of mist. Mist contains water and water represents the Word of God many times. As if droplets of the Word of God created this mist and it was everywhere. It was full of light particles that shone with sparkle and brilliance within the mist. It almost looked like lightning flashes within the mist of many colors. Like electromagnetic waves. It was buzzing and zipping that sounded much like static electricity. This is kind of funny but it was like one of those electromagnetic bug zappers. If anything came near it, it was instantly disintegrated. It must have been some kind of electromagnetic field. I never saw our prayers like that before. We literally create an electromagnetic field that surrounds the things and people we pray for. It is obvious that the enemy can’t penetrate it. If he attempts, it kills the attempt immediately. It’s too powerful to penetrate.

I believe God is giving us a visual to see not only how powerful our prayers are but what it looks like if our eyes were calibrated to the spirit realm. As if God was putting on a pair of “realm” goggles to see the unseen and the activity that goes on there. Perhaps God was speaking some further revelation as I just got finished teaching a series on “Visions, Dimensions, Portals & Realms” on our Online E-mentoring platform.  God keeps confirming and showing me deeper things into the realm of the kingdom that I have never seen before and found them so fascinating. I usually dream quite a bit but I have not been remembering my dreams for the past 6 weeks or so. Then all of a sudden I have this dream that was vivid and got my attention. I immediately knew it was revealing activity in the realm of the kingdom that was going on while I was asleep. Apparently, I was present to witness it all.

I believe the dream was meant to be informational and to be an encouragement and to continue to pray for Donald Trump and the United States of America. We are literally preventing something catastrophic from happening, or at least God is telling us to stay on high alert for the next 3 weeks. God is so good to communicate His heart to us in such beautiful and mysterious ways.

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Your comments and questions welcome.

Prophet Reeni Mederos