I realize that what I am about to say is going to ruffle some feathers with my peers and the Christian world. I am not here to please anyone but to be obedient to release the word of the Lord as I prophetically see it. To those with an ear to hear what the spirit is saying, this is for you to encourage you to keep praying. God is working and He is hearing our prayers!

As I was watching Donald Trump’s speeches this past week, something resounded in my spirit that was familiar to me. He spoke as a prophet. A prophetic stream flowed through him as I saw him “shift” into his prophetic element. The very first time I heard him speak last year as a republican presidential candidate, something resounded in my spirit back then with him above all the other candidates. He was speaking things I was already thinking and saying. He was prophetically speaking hidden things. When he said, “Something is going on…that we don’t know about,” in his early interviews concerning the current situation in America, I already knew something underground was going on as many other intercessors and Christians knew but he called it out as a prophetic voice for the people. As it witnessed in my spirit, I recognized this voice. It was a prophetic voice, but a prophetic voice of a different kind. It was revealing things that were hidden like a prophet does so well but with such raw authenticity that gets your attention through his shocking speech. However, in his speeches this week, something shifted. His heart shifted. A new humility has emerged and we as Christians must pray that he continues to emerge with humility without compromising who he is as God made him be, raw and authentic.


Donald Trump and Family “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

In revealing his plan for national security and law and order, Trump speaks like a visionary seeing something in the future in his spirits eye. Like a glimpse into the future of what could be. Identifying the problem and seeing that problem fixed as if it already were. That glimpse is filled with hope and security and restoration of something we all love and God loves….America. Many call it “dark” sayings and in essence, it is dark for the one’s who can’t hear what he’s saying. It is a prophetic decree of Gods destiny for this nation but who’s really listening? Just like a prophet, he sees it already done. Somehow he has entered the future without even knowing it. His vision for America comes from a place of love for the nation, God’s love, through an imperfect human being. It also includes a fathers anointing that is compelled to protect its own. And like a father wants his children to prosper, he reveals the plan of success because he has walked the path of success. He is a prophet in the making and at the same time God has prepared him his entire life for such a time as this and he is still in the molding process but is expected to be perfect. He isn’t going to be perfect and because of that, God can use him. He won’t allow himself to be boxed in by the system. Let me clearly say that Trump is not the Savior nor do we look at him as an idol but God is already using him as a “deliverer” to overthrow the thrones of the Egyptian bondage of political correctness, a demonic system, that has bewitched America into a slavery mindset that strips her of her freedoms with an eroding effect steering America like a herd of cattle being prepared for the slaughter. We are not a herd! We are human beings!

America is crossing the Red Sea and God has heard our cries of slavery to a politically correct system and government control. Trump is an unusual prophetic voice that doesn’t fit in a box nor does God want him too. It is the stronghold of “control” that hides behind political correctness and it can no longer hide its true colors because a light is shining in the darkness. It reminds me of the Mount Carmel contest in which Elijah challenged the prophet’s of Baal, which is likened unto the politically correct corrupt system in Washington. God is unveiling, little by little, what is written in the scrolls of heaven for America through this unusual, imperfect prophetic voice in the political arena as the incense of prayers and heart cries of Gods people have gone up to heaven. God is hearing our prayers and the cries of our heart but many are not seeing it.

Trump is tapping into America’s scrolls with bits and pieces as if coming through a slow cracking leak in a large glass aquarium. A certain pressure upon his heart will cause him to split wide open. It’s the pressure cooker of the Holy Spirit as his surrounding Christian advisors gently counsel him from the spirit of God’s wisdom. If he’s taking heed to their counsel, which he is, then he is demonstrating a reverence for God, at least the beginnings of it. But I believe the work of Godly fear was being instituted in his heart long before the election. God was working on him in the hidden places of his heart.

As Trump made his regrets known this week of things he said during his political campaign journey, that is where a “shift” occurred in his heart. A glimpse of humility has caught the public’s eye but his heart of humility was always there like a diamond in the rough. I heard the Lord say, “Keep praying for the shifting of his heart.” God has been bending Trump’s heart because of the prayers of the saints and because there is a pliable element within his heart. God will also bend Hillary’s heart toward salvation if we continue to pray for a shift towards humility. Many have judged Trump based on outward appearance and religious lenses tainted with self-righteousness and even contempt, but God looks upon the heart of a person for any signs being pliable. Trump has a soft side that the media doesn’t report, giving a false image that even Christians have bought into. There is no doubt that Trump needs a little cleanup, but it doesn’t seem to prevent God from accomplishing what He needs to accomplish…as long as the people of God keep praying. God uses the most unlikely things and the most unlikely people to accomplish His purposes because “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise.” [1 Corinthians 1:27]

In a recent interview with CBN News Reporter Jenna Browder, Trump was asked, “You know a lot of Christians believe that you have been chosen for “such a time as this.” Do you believe that’s true? Have you ever considered that maybe this is a divine calling?” Trump replies, “Well, you know I’ve heard that from others, and I’ve heard it from pastors. I’ve heard it from others. You know I really don’t even want to think about it because it’s too big of a burden. But I can say this, that if I can do what I say I can do, and I’m not only talking with the military and building it up and safety and security, cause our country is in bad shape in so many ways, I’m talking… we can open up the voices of great people and the pastors and the ministers, and the priests and the rabbis and the people of religion. I think that will be something I will be so proud of.” As a businessman, Trump takes pride in what he has built as a real estate mogul. He desires to extend that success anointing to the American by “Making America Rich Again,” but if you listen closely to his words, his desire us to “open up the voices” of the church which the politically correct system has continually shut down and muzzled to the point of fear of speaking out freely, which he cunningly recognizes. Why in the world would he want the voice of Christians to be freed up unless God has put that desire and vision in his heart?

In this interview with Browder, you can see that he is beginning to recognize there is a higher calling than what he realized but he hasn’t fully understood it yet, spirituality speaking. He even says in other TV interviews, “I’m just a messenger. A messenger of ideas,” not realizing that those “ideas” are some of the very ideas coming from God’s mind. He does recognize, however, that he is a mouthpiece for American’s. And just like a prophet does, he hears the heart cry of the people. He has tapped into the mind of Christ for a nation without knowing what he’s tapped into. It’s not because he says all the right things or even does all the right things like political and religious correctness demands. He is like a raw authentic that speaks from the heart because he would rather be hated for speaking the truth than to be loved as a phony and fake politician. It is true that he also speaks things that he should not say and that is where God will have to hone that gift with Godly wisdom, but nonetheless, the prophetic element remains in the right things he says which resounds in the hearts of many American’s. That raw authenticity is where God can bend his heart and use him. His realness, even though rough around the edges, is a gift from God. Believe it or not, many unsaved people have the same transparency of raw authenticity even more than the contemporary religious Pharisees of our day that sit in our Church pews every Sunday. It is the exact reason why many unbelievers don’t go to church because of the lack of authenticity they see within the people of the church.

God is fine tuning Trump for his calling even in the midst of not yet fully recognizing that call, but you can tell he has an awareness and he is probably a lot more spiritual than people give him credit for simply because of judgments rather than praying for him. The more he recognizes this call, the more he will step into his true element. As he continues to step into the fullness of his prophetic element, more of America’s scrolls of heaven will be revealed and released, but it highly depends on the praying church to pray for this man and stop grumbling that God didn’t choose someone else of their liking.


Trump & Graham Consoling Louisiana Flood Victims

The more Trump is surrounded by sound Christian spirit guides such as Franklin Graham and other prominent Christian leaders, he will shift more and more into the fullness of his prophetic political position. He is prophetically positioned with the right people around him and that is a good thing. Trump is a prophetic visionary in the business and political arena and he can’t be boxed into what religion thinks he should be. If he were as religious as people wanted him to be, he would not be able to resonate with crossover democrats and independents and the unsaved. They would be turned off and go the other direction. But God in His wisdom knew the right elements needed to use a person who could speak to the heart of the American people. His roughness around the edges is relatable as most people already see themselves as imperfect which they are and it’s okay. God uses imperfect people and that should be encouraging if you want God to use you as well.

The beauty of God is that He accepts us as we are and for who we are. All He is looking for is that little seed of pliability that He can work with to transform us from the inside out as He nudges each of us little by little with His still small voice. It is the compassion and mercy of God that is extended to our nation through Trump, as imperfect as he is, for Him to answer the call of running for president as a prophet in the making. He is fully human and flawed but the one key component that God can direct is the pliability of his heart. The media will prevent you from seeing it, but those who have pliable hearts themselves will recognize a pliable heart in another. We are all imperfect but we have a merciful God who will make something out of nothing if you are willing to take the risk of doing something great.

Please note that it is possible for Trump to lose this election even though there is a call of God upon his life to accomplish great things for America. It will depend on the praying church and the voting church of whom God will hold accountable and not the secular world.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

Reeni Mederos

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