DREAM:: I had a dream last night that there were storms coming and there were many dark tornados all over the city. There was a national emergency broadcast system message that was released to every city in our nation warning that Isis was on the move and they were already mobilized to hit every city in the United States. We started to take cover and go outside of the city limits into the countryside of the city and all the people were instructed to go “outside” of the city limited of wherever they lived to stay hidden, but we were armed, vigilant and watchful.

In the dream, I felt strategy from the Lord.  As Isis closed in on the cities of America, we were to go outside the city limits and into rural areas where it was harder for them to find us.  I believe this is a prayer strategy.  To go to the outer skirts of the natural realm and to go into the Kingdom of Heaven and do the battle on our knees to avert this possibility.  It’s called preventative prayer.

Reeni Mederos