MY DREAM ABOUT OBAMA! – A glimpse into the future…

I had a dream about President Obama. 5/10/16. We were in some kind of class or internship. We all had to go through this maze. It was like a tunnel. There were two sides of the tunnel. On the right side, people were walking. On the left side, there were broken apart jets and loud big machinery being hauled. It was loud and noisy like an airport but underground. Some downhill paths were steep. It was dirty and muddy. I remember getting a long rope or long cloth and taking it down the tunnel. It got dirty every time it hit the floor. I had to backtrack and lost time because I had to cut it off. I couldn’t bring it being dirty. A young man helped me and seemed to be an intern too. He cut the rope for me. He was a youth probably in his 20s. We finally got to the place where the president was. It looked like some kind of underground presidential compound. As we arrived, I was speaking to Obama and he said we were late, that he had given the assignment and he couldn’t let us in to finish. I told him the instructions were unclear. He finally let us in but was reluctant and he seemed friendly on the outside but was like a dictator on the inside. He gave everybody different assignments to do.

We sat at this long meeting table and the chairs were crooked and lopsided and uneven with different sizes. There were these two black women who were doing their assignment on me. They were to wash my hair and do my makeup, but they had only 15 minutes to do it and the sink where they were gonna wash my hair had debris in it. It was like paint stuff, dishes and utensils. So to help her out, Ashley and I and the group of youth I was with were helping her to clean. I was confused because I wasn’t sure what my assignment was.

I saw people dancing and celebrating while others were sitting at the table. Obama was celebrating and having a good time too. When I was sitting at the table, I was taking notes as Obama was speaking. He seemed to be our boss or we were working for him. He was tough and not being easy on anyone. Then I thought about Trump. I was like, “Where is Trump?” It seemed like Obama was the president. It seemed like a third term. It was like a dictatorship.

We all had to go through some rigorous training and there was a fear we didn’t finish it correctly. People wanted to be so precise and do their assignments correctly but it was like unrealistic demands. The two black girls I was helping, one of them didn’t seem to finish her assignment. I walked back with her to her tent outside, trying to encourage her. It was more of like a row of hammocks that were uncovered and exposed to the elements. These were all young people that I was seeing. It was like a training camp or compound but Obama was the head of it. I tried to console the girl but it was confusing as to what we were all being trained for. It was very strict.

My overall feeling of the dream was it felt like Obama’s third term of presidency and could have been a military training camp. It was underground but there were also open fields with tents with no covering, just out in the open.

We are headed for a very bad dictatorship that is worst than now of Obama goes third term and that could also be in the form of Hillary Clinton! MUST PRAY!

Reeni Mederos