I had a vision of Kim Clement the morning I found out that he passed away to be with the Lord.  I wasn’t sure if it was something I was supposed to share.  So I just pondered it in my heart and thought the vision was just for me to pray over.  Then yesterday, a few days after, I was in prayer with the Lord for quite a while and spent most of the day resting and meditating on the Lord.  When I pray, I take communion.  Daily.  Sometimes more than once a day.  Not out of ritual but out of revelation. I take communion every day because it is part of a lifestyle of repentance that I have incorporated in my life for almost two years now. It was part of a higher call that God drew me to because it was imperative that I stay above the accusations and attacks of the fblive_subscribeenemy.  This is something I have also incorporated as part of our National Prayer Calls we have done for the election. Many times when I pray this way, God will reveal deeper things and revelations are much clearer and precise.

After I had my vision concerning Kim Clement the morning of the announcement, God reopened that vision while I was in prayer yesterday.  After taking communion I began to weep heavily. I was praying in the spirit for his family but I also saw something else.  What God showed me helped settle my heart with questions that I had concerning Kim’s passing away.  I later shared with my husband what I experienced with the Lord. It witnessed with his spirit and he encouraged me that I should share it publicly. I was still in the process of praying whether I should share the vision or not.  The family has just gone through an intense battle and I just wanted to linger in the background and pray.

Kim Clement had such a huge impact on my life over the years but especially when we would frequent the Detroit meetings in the late 1990’s of the Gathering of the Dangerous at C.L Johnston’s church.  Those meetings were so raw and fresh and wonderfully amazing.  I flew up there as much as I could because God was doing something new at the time.  Kim was just one of those prophets that if you had any religious spirits or mindsets in your life, you would surely be shaken up to the core and be challenged.  Kim prophesied over my husband and me and I have the word written out to this day.  After receiving that word over us, all hell broke loose.  It was a good thing.  God shook my world and started me down a path that separated me from any of the religious traditions of men that would try to hold me back in my purpose and calling.  One part of the word that Kim gave us was, “You will reach the unreachables and touch the untouchables.”  It’s been almost 20 years since we got that word. Every time I would experience the worship in those gatherings, I would feel like I ascended into such a higher realm of worship that I received deep inner healing in my emotions and from my past that I knew that 30 minutes of worship in that high place did more healing that 30 years of psychiatry could ever do. It was that powerful for me.  I learned how to war in my worship like never before and I would never be the same.  After that time and season in my life, we changed the name of our ministry to Warriors International, Inc.

Because I experienced such an impact from Kim’s ministry back in those days, his passing on with the Lord affected me personally as it did with many that followed him.  I only met Kim once in person.  I was friends with the Pastor’s secretary and head intercessor of that church in Detroit.  I was introduced to Kim and his team in the pastor’s office and they were all so very kind. It was just a brief introduction and I was glad to shake his hand.  It was kind of funny because, after some of the worship sessions in those gatherings, I’d tell my kids, “Go run up to Prophet Kim Clement and shake his hand.”  I just wanted my kids to receive an impartation of his anointing.  So they’d run up to him and he graciously stopped for a second to shake their hands even though he left the platform quickly to avoid the crowds and many times with bodyguards.

So praying for Kim and his family came naturally to me.  I had a dream about Kim last year after his first brain bleed that I posted in the comments of their Facebook page.  In the dream, he was playing in this huge concert hall and he was getting ready to perform. He had these 5 documents in front of him that were spread out on top of his piano. It was as if he had the choice of which path to his purpose and destiny to choose from but they also looked like different music scores.  In the dream, he was alive and well and was continuing his purpose. I thought the dream meant he was going to be okay and he would live. Then not too long after, I had another dream concerning Kim but this time it was about his wife Jane.  She was weeping in the dream over Kim and I had the strong sense that she needed much prayer.  Soon after the dream, word was out that Kim had a second brain bleed and then I knew why I needed to pray.  That was the last time I had a vision or dream of Kim.  I had some other ones throughout the years until the Lord showed me a vision the morning the announcement of his passing came.

As mentioned, I wasn’t sure if I was to share the vision I had from that day or from yesterday.  I submit this with great trembling and fear because even though I met Kim once, I do not know the family and I do not have any contact with the family.  I don’t consider myself to be one that has the authority to speak into their lives because I am a follower from afar that was just impacted by his life like many others.  So I submit this for prayerful consideration as to its accuracy and witness of the Holy Spirit.  Here are the details of the vision as I wrote it down in my journal yesterday. It was a progressive vision. I first saw it the morning of his passing.  I pondered it and then in prayer yesterday, God gave me the full meaning of what I saw and the vision developed into more details:

Journal Entry 11/25/16:  “I prayed for Kim Clement and his family. I kept having a vision of him over a few days of him standing in heaven in a very high place. It looked like a palace. There was a huge kingdom. It was big. He was standing at the top on what looked like a balcony. He was overlooking the cloud of witnesses as I saw what looked like tombstones. I knew it represented those who died before him. The cloud of witnesses.  But he was in a high place with the Lord. He had a purple robe on and his hair was long, dark and beautiful. He was young, about his 30’s. He looked perfect. He was peaceful but full of joy. Overlooking the mysteries of the Lord that were in heaven. What he could only see through a dark dim glass before here on earth, he is now looking in the fullness of clarity, face to face with God, and what heaven is and what it looks like. What he saw on this side, he is now fully living on that side. He is part of the future now. As I was praying for his family, I began weeping because I saw his heart. He was glad to have given his life. He gave his life for his family and friends and for America. I saw that he had this deep sense of being satisfied as if he had accomplished his Father’s will. His death was not in vain, and yet he is still alive. His spirit being is not dead. He has resurrected with the Lord. He has passed from death to life. He is watching us, praying for us, cheering us on and he is still fulfilling his purpose through us as he continues to cheer us on from the position of being a part of that wonderful cloud of witnesses as heaven’s newest patriarch. But I clearly and emphatically saw and felt that he was so full of joy, having fulfilled his purpose and has satisfied the heart of God. His part was fulfilled for the United States which also affects his family and us all. Did he die a martyr? It feels like it. Did he take a hit from the enemy for our sake, it sure feels like it. It feels like he left too soon. But the one thing I did feel and see very strongly is that he was glad to do it. He was glad to take the hit for us. If saving his family and America meant giving up his life for it, he would have done it. And he did do it. He gave his life for the purpose of God long ago. I am encouraged because I had many questions after the announcement of passing on with the Lord. I say passing on because he did not die. He still lives. He was glad to have given his life. He would do it again.”

In sharing this vision, I felt it bring comfort to me as the Lord gave me a glimpse into heaven.  It helped me to understand just a little bit of why he had to go.  It reminded me of when Jesus died and had to go to the Father after he rose from the dead.  It was necessary for Him to go so that the Holy Spirit could come and be multiplied in His followers for generations to come. There is a multiplication effect when a prophetic general goes to be with the Lord, especially for those that were nourished from that mantle.  Whether Kim died prematurely or not, is really not the issue.  It is whether his life left a multiplying factor and legacy that could be caught by a generation who has “eyes to see” the mantle of the Lord that was upon him, and who honored that mantle.  He continues to live on.  He will become more famous now than when he lived on this earth.  His legacy will be told for generations to come as one of the most unique and powerful prophets that have ever lived. He is now in heaven’s Hallmark of Fame. He is an inspiration to us all to press toward the mark of the high calling of God.  Jesus is our ultimate inspiration but we have clearly seen that Kim Clement displayed the character, compassion and the power of Christ in his life.  He exemplified a life that was a warrior and a worshiper who would stop at nothing to make sure he completed and fulfilled his purpose.  His purpose was completed.  I understand now what I saw.  He is at rest with the Lord and his heart is satisfied in knowing he did his best to fulfill what he saw written in the scrolls of heaven of his purpose and destiny. He answered that call out of love for his Lord and he fulfilled the call of God with ferver and tenacity.  I have peace concerning Kim’s life even though I am sad he is gone and I will miss him greatly.  I am inspired to know he is with the Father and part of the cloud of witnesses cheering us on to finish our race here on earth.  He played a huge part in predicting the presidency of Donald Trump.  We have crossed over into a huge victory and somehow I can hear Kim saying now, “I have passed the baton. Now you go and conquer what needs to be done in this nation.”

In closing, I leave you with this scripture to meditate on as we celebrate the life of Kim Clement. We each have a calling in God to fulfill and we MUST press on to accomplish what God has called each of us to do.  We are not alone for we have a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on in the presence of the Father and Kim is part of that company who lives on and we will see again someday soon.

Philippians 3:12-16 Not that I have already obtained it this goal of being Christlike or have already been made perfect, but I actively press on so that I may take hold of that perfection for which Christ Jesus took hold of me and made me His own. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider that I have made it my own yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the heavenly prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. All of us who are mature pursuing spiritual perfection should have this attitude. And if in any respect you have a different attitude, that too God will make clear to you. Only let us stay true to what we have already attained.

Love and blessings from above and may the God of comfort be with the family, friends, followers and supporters of Kim Clement.  Please go to Kim Clements website and make a donation as an offering of thanks to God for his life, who truly is a unique gift from God and an extension of God’s love to us all.  Go to www.kimclement.com and give your very best. ❤️

Reeni Mederos

Warriors International, Inc.


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