Prophetically Speaking “Live” with Prophet Reeni Mederos

Prophetically Speaking “Live” with Prophet Reeni Mederos

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“Keys To Fulfilling Personal Prophecies & Prophetic Words”


Prophet Reeni Mederos

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image_alt Topic: “The Jezebel Trap” by Prophet Reeni Mederos


Format: Instant Digital MP3 Download

Description: A powerful “live” prophetic conference call audio recording with Prophet Reeni Mederos as she discusses with her audience the following: What is a Jezebel spirit? How to discern the workings of this master manipulator? What is the root cause? Why Jesus said to NOT tolerate Jezebel in our churches? What to do if it is affecting your life at church, on the job, in your relationships, in your family, etc.? Who can be affected by it? What does the Bible say about it? How to prevent this spirit from affecting you? How to overcome and avoid the demonic manipulations of “The Jezebel Trap.” (Approximately 60-75 minutes)


image_alt Topic: “Breaking Ungodly Soul-Ties – Part ONE & TWO” by Prophet Reeni Mederos

Format: Instant Digital MP3 Download

$9.99 (Part 1)

$9.99 (Part 2)

Description: Do your relationships bring you joy or do they bring you distress? Do you feel controlled by them? Do you still have dreams of past relationships? Do you still feel emotionally attached to ended relationships that are long gone? How do you know if the relationships you are in now are healthy and Biblical? How do you break ties with relationships that are unhealthy and cause fear and bondage and steal your peace and joy? Find out the answers to the common issues concerning ungodly soul-ties and how to break out from under their power and control. Know the truth and let the truth set your free as Prophet Reeni discusses this topic on this “live” conference call with her audience in her down to earth approach of Biblical prophetic insight revealing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Get ready to receive a major breakthrough in your marriage, church life, business, family, ministry and more to help you remove these hindrances that keep you from fulfilling God’s purpose and destiny in your life. This is a two part conference call series and is one of our most powerful “live” prophetic conference calls yet. (Approximately 60-75 minutes each)


image_alt Topic: “Breaking The Power of Word Curses” by Prophet Reeni Mederos


Format: Instant Digital MP3 Download

Description: Listen in with Prophet Reeni Mederos on this recorded prophetic conference call for an incredible hour of exposing the scheme’s and devises of the devil and how he tries to entrap God’s people through word curses, misinterpretations of motives, false discernment and accusations that bind and debilitate its victims through condemnation, false prophecy and the power of ungodly spoken words and ungodly prayers also knows as Charismatic Witchcraft . Have you ever been a victim of words and prayers spoken against you that you just knew where not of God and had a hard time shaking it off? Then this informative prophetic conference call is for you! Get equipped and sharpen your holy armor through the anointed prophetic strategies Prophet Reeni reveals as she boldly speaks the truth exposing what word curses really are, where they come from, how they affect your destiny and how to break free from its hostile grip. NO CHILD OF GOD SHOULD EVER HAVE TO TOLERATE WORD CURSES! NOT EVER!!!! Let the truth of the living God set you FREE! (John 8:32) (Approximately 60-75 minutes)


image_altTopic: “Keys to Fulfilling Personal Prophecy & Prophetic Words” by Prophet Reeni Mederos


Format: Instant Digital Download MP3

Description: Listen in with Prophet Reeni on this incredible conference call for prophetic discussions on how to properly cooperate with God to help “fulfill your personal prophetic words.” This prophetic conference call was an open forum conference call for the calling audience to have the opportunity ask various prophetic questions concerning fulfilling prophecy. Many have been given prophetic words and many prophetic words have still not have been fulfilled. Why is that? Listen in as Prophet Reeni explores this topic with her calling audience as she personally interacts with her callers as she imparts wisdom and insight on how to Biblically interpret and fulfill the prophetic Word of the Lord. She speaks God’s prophetic truth to bringing clarity, encouragement and prophetic insight to all her callers. Enjoy! (Approximately 60-75 minute)


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