reeni_blackThe other day, I was walking around the house and I asked the Lord fervently and said, “God, PLEASE protect Donald Trump from any harm or assassination. Surely you would not have caused him to win the election and have us pray for him all this time for him not to fulfill his purpose?” God IMMEDIATELY spoke to me as clearly as I have ever heard the Lord speak and He said very simply and very clearly, “He will be fine.”  When God said that, I knew that all these protests and all these riots were not only bogus factors from the enemy but that they would not succeed.  God has shielded Donald Trump and is shielded by our prayers. We are putting the buffers around him, a WALL OF PRAYER and I saw 9 layers of protection:

  1. Prayers and Praise of the Saints & Shoes of Peace
  2. Decrees & Declarations of the Saints & Praying in Tongues
  3. The Blood of Jesus, The Work of the Cross & The Helmet of Salvation
  4. The Word of God, The Sword of the Spirit and The Belt of Truth
  5. God’s Angelic Host, Cloud of Witnesses & Men Clothed in White Linen
  6. Written Scrolls & Seals in Heaven and the Seven Spirits of God
  7. The Judge of Heaven and Jury of the Heavenly Court’s Verdict of Not Guilty
  8. The Shield of Faith & Breastplate of Righteousness
  9. God Himself, Father, Son & Holy Spirit…The Bench of Three

Ezekiel 22:30 “I looked in vain for anyone who would build again the wall of righteousness that guards the land, who could stand in the gap and defend you from my just attacks, but I found not one.” AMP

Nine is the representation of judgment. If anyone dares to come near Donald Trump and do anything, the nine layers of protection are very difficult to penetrate through if they are active and enforced.  The angels and host of heaven that are around him are not just any common angels or beings. There is no such thing as common angels or heavenly hosts in the Kingdom of Heaven.  They are very powerful beings capable of knocking out any demonic force.  The problem is that God needs our decrees, our confessions and our focus on what He says, not on what the negativity spreaders are saying and certainly not what the media says.  These guys are big and dudes and whoever touches him will experience severe consequences. That is the power behind our prayers! It comes with the fear and the dread of the Lord. We have to learn how to activate angels and all of our heavenly privileges with our words and prayers and actions more than we give the devil the time of day.  If you create a house for the devil through words, fear and lack of prayer, he will come to live in it.  Let’s not give a house for the enemy to dwell in.

ementoring_promo2Many people in the church who are familiar with deliverance ministry have the tendency to keep a lot of focus on the devil when casting them out.  There’s definitely a place and a time for that, however, Jesus had a different approach.  In the wilderness when Jesus was tempted by the devil, He always responded with the Word of God. The Word was His counteracting force. That could include the scriptures, decrees, declarations, songs of worship and also rebukes. When we as a church do more rebuking than decreeing, we are responding to the enemies taunts out of fear instead of responding to them from a place of authority. We don’t stop praying but we do stop giving attention to the enemy about all that he’s threatening to do. Just tell him to his face that he is a liar and go about your business. When things are dealt with in repentance and according to the principles of the courts of heaven, we don’t argue with the enemy. We just tell him where to go. 🔥  So let’s stop giving the devil fuel for the fire in allowing him to irritate us into anger (through the media and haters) to cause us to waste time on him. His purpose is to wear you out so you don’t pray.  He’s afraid of our prayers.  They are atomic! Let’s stay focused on our relationship with the Lord and keep that wall of prayer and buffering effect strong in the spirit. It is a supernatural force field that I think we don’t even realize how powerful it is. When we give the enemy too much attention, we create a buffer of the enemy around Donald Trump instead of Gods buffer through prayer and we can’t do that anymore. God is saying as long as we maintain the wall of prayer and the supernatural buffer around him in prayer, he will be fine. So don’t leave your prayer post but spend more time worshiping the Lord and decreeing His word than rebuking and juking the enemy. The blood does the speaking as we apply it. Continue to take communion daily and continue with a lifestyle of repentance. Apparently, it’s releasing these big and bad angels and these guys are a force to be reckoned with. When I say “big and bad,” it’s just southern slang that means “extremely powerful.” You just don’t want to mess with those guys.  Even the very definition of Seraphim means “fiery serpent.”  Ouch!

Let’s shift our attention and prayers to God and not so much conversation with the enemy. When someone or the media releases a demonic decree, refute it immediately and start worshiping and start decreeing the word of the Lord. You will feel more joy and peace if you use worship as your weapon of war (along with repentance), rejoicing in the Lord and thanking God for establishing Donald Trump on Inauguration Day. He’s already been established in heaven.  Inauguration Day is just an outward ceremony on what has been set in the heavens.  Extend your rod of authority like Moses did to the Red 
Sea and he will pass over safety and so will we. He’s already passed over safely as far as God is concerned. He’s just giving you a command from the future and telling you what is going to happen and we maintain that wall of prayer. Do not let fear or the false prophets of Baal (the media) throw you off course. We have to stay focused. If you will take heed to what God is saying, you will experience much more peace and joy through the battle. Dance your way to the finish line and do not give the enemy the time of day. Let us take heed and implement the word and instruction of the Lord. 

In the spirit, what you are doing is that you are “lifting up” Donald Trump in prayer. That’s exactly what is happening. We are lifting him above the enemy’s reach and we keep him there in heavenly places. When we give into fear or what the naysayers are decreeing, we breach the wall. We are repairers of the breach, not those that tear it down. The protesters and rioters and news media are trying to breach the prayer wall we have surrounded Trump with and that wall lifts him up to the Lord. We must remain calm, watchful, diligent and joyful. Be ready to cast down every high thing that exalts itself against and above the knowledge of God. You will be successful in your prayers as you build a prayer wall around your own lives and families first, then for the nation and Donald Trump. Close the pockets and holes in your own life first through daily repentance and watch your personal prayer buffers cause the enemy to be out of reach for you and your family. Then you will be able to extend that prayer buffer towards this nation and Donald Trump. 

Jesus said in Matthew 11:30,  “For My yoke is easy to bear and My burden is light.” Let us renounce old school religious prayer habits and pray the way Jesus did. With authority and with power resulting from a life that has yielded to God in every way. 

Ephesians 6:16 Pray in the Spirit at all times, with every kind of prayer and petition. To this end, stay alert with all perseverance in your prayers for all the saints.

Ephesians 4:26-27 And don’t sin by letting anger control you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger [irritation] gives a foothold to the devil.

As long as we maintain a prayer wall around Donald Trump, he will have the necessary buffer that surrounds him and keeps him safe from attack.  He will be able to fulfill his purpose but it will also create a buffer for your own lives that will cause they enemy from being able to touch you.  God is a consuming fire and He will surround us with His fire as we continue to pray out of a place of authority and not fear and anxiety because of the false prophets of Baal that seek to stir your emotions, not your faith.

Love to all!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Prophet Reeni Mederos

Founder of Warriors International, Inc, and Prophets For Trump |