As you come unto Me and hide under the shadow of my wings, I will guard and protect the United States, your regions and your families. As I expand my wings over you, I will expand your spirit and widen your tent, your territory and your authority! YOU ARE PROTECTED when you are HIDDEN in ME, covered by My blood as you as a nation continue to pray, seek my face and turn from your wicked ways.

I have heard your cries. Let your cries transform into my decrees over this land and over your families. The fear and the dread of the Lord is with those who walk with Me and no one shall bring harm to you when you walk with Me and hide inside of Me. Let your soul be quiet and hear my words and see what I am doing. My plans are good plans, exciting plans and you are not only part of those plans, you will execute those plans as My kings and priests.

Your blood is royal and I give you kingship and dominion to rule the earth. Your enemies cannot do what they do not have permission to do. Do not give them permission. I have given you the authority. Take back what is rightfully yours through repentance and do not give the enemy a foothold in your thinking, in your speaking, in your doing and in your feeling.

Listen for my strategies. LISTEN!👂🏻I will impress them upon your heart like a blue print. I will overturn the enemy’s evil schemes and blueprints into red prints as you decree my blood. Every plot and plan that comes in the form of accusations will disintegrate. They will melt like wax. Every mountain will be laid bare and you will walk in my garden in the cool of the day and be refreshed with the life and be strengthened by my power.


You are destined for greatness. The United States is destined to be filled with the knowledge and the glory of the Lord are a beacon of light to all other nations. Riches and resources will gusher out like a geyser from beneath the earth. What once was buried and dead will now arise and live. What you planted will now flourish. Dreams that died in your heart will once again live. You will dream again and your dreams will come to pass. Dreams that you through you would never see again will be quickened and new ideas will emerge. I will bless the work of your hands as you honor Me with the first fruits of your labor. I will bless and multiply you as you give generously from your heart.

donationNow you will see seven years of plenty. Even eight years. Do not gather your abundance to hoard and hide away! Invest! Invest! Invest! Your gold will be like heaven’s treasure chest to give away as Solomon was rich in wisdom. Seek My wisdom. Love her and embrace her. All of this is yours even today as you walk and enter into the shadow of My wings. I’ll be waiting for you between the wings of the Cherubim, says the Lord. ❤️

(C) 2016
Reeni Mederos (Follow Reeni on Facebook Here!)


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